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Press Release - December 15, 2020

Drop-in Replacements for Popular HI-3585 family with Improved SPI Interface

Mission Viejo, CA – Holt Integrated Circuits today released a new ARINC 429 protocol IC, HI-35850, which provides a drop-in replacement for the popular HI-3585 and features a faster 12 MHz SPI interface. The new device also provides an additional SPI opcode which allows multiple messages to be read from the receive FIFO with a single command. This greatly improves the efficiency of the host microcontroller message processing, while maintaining full compatibility with legacy software.

The HI-35850 is identical to HI-3585, providing one receiver with user-programmable label recognition for any combination of 256 possible labels, 32 x 32 Receive FIFO and analog line receiver. The independent transmitter has a 32 x 32 Transmit FIFO and built-in line driver. The HI-35860 is a digital version with no integrated line driver, giving customers the option of utilizing external line drivers such as Holt’s 5V HI-8592, 3.3V HI-8596, or lightning protected HI-8597.  Similarly, the HI-35860 is also a drop-in replacement for the existing HI-3586.

“This new device enables customers to improve the SPI host interface speed on existing HI-3585 designs with little effort or expense,” said George Noh, Director of Sales and Marketing at Holt Integrated Circuits. “Furthermore, it provides additional functionality, also making the device ideal for new designs.”

Other device variants include standalone transmitter (HI-35870) and receiver (HI-35880) options, both with the same SPI interface and identical functionality to their respective equivalents in the HI-35850 terminal IC. These devices also provide drop-in replacements for the existing HI-3587 and HI-3588 respectively.

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