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High Current, Low Cost, Point-of-Load Converter Module for USB-C and distributed power management applications


Silvertel announces the launch of Ag7010, 10A POL Converter, optimised for operation with USB‑C (PD) voltages at 9V, 12V or 20V and further strengthening its reputation for producing innovative power management modules.

Designed to provide a configurable 3.0V to 12.7V output with a conversion efficiency of >97%, this small footprint, highly efficient module packs a big punch, ideal for low loss systems and well-suited for distributed power applications.

The Ag7010 possesses a wide input voltage range of 8V to 24V, delivering up to 10Amps of output current to provide a non-isolated, low noise, low ripple output. Thanks to its high operating efficiency, this module is the ideal choice for USB-C Thunderbolt/Lightning interconnected systems required to run on tight power budgets.

The Ag7010 can be controlled and monitored via on-board I2C providing a very flexible and versatile power device. The module is available in a surface mount, ultra-small outline package, measuring only 37mm (L) x 14mm (W) x 7mm (H) which can be easily reflowed onto the host PCB, enabling close thermal coupling and excellent thermal management to be achieved.

In addition, the Ag7010 is equipped with under and over-voltage lock-out, output enable, over-current and thermal protection to provide a robust and reliable power supply solution. Operating over the industrial temperature range as standard and requiring few external components, a feature synonymous with Silvertel’s range of power management modules, the transition from CAD to approved hardware is a very simple, low cost and risk-free step to take.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, and fully RoHS and WEEE compliant, the Ag7010 complements Silver Telecom's extensive range of low cost but highly featured power management modules.

Product is available now from all Silvertel distributors, and an easy to use Evaluation board – EvalAg7010 – can also be purchased to help design engineers make a thorough assessment of the device.