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· 1200bits/sec 1/2 Duplex Bell 202 compatible Modem with:

· Optional 5bits/sec and 150bits/sec Back Channel · Optional 1200bits/sec Data Retiming Facility

· 3.0 to 5.5V Supply; 1.0mA at 3V 'Zero-Power' Mode; 1mA

· Optional Line Equalisation

· -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature · 16-pin SOIC and DIL Packages

· 3.58MHz Xtal/Clock Rate

Brief Description

The FX614 is a low power CMOS integrated circuit for the reception or transmission of asynchronous 1200bits/sec data and is suitable for use in Bell 202 type systems. It is also capable of generating the 5bits/sec or 150bits/sec 'back channel'. The device incorporates an optional Tx and Rx data retiming function that removes the need for a UART in the associated mC when operating at 1200bits/sec. An optional line equaliser is incorporated into the receive path, this is controlled by an external logic level. The FX614 may be used in a wide range of telephone telemetry systems. With a low operating voltage of 3.0V, a very low current 'sleep' mode (1mA) and an operating current of 1mA the device is ideal for portable, terminal and line powered applications. A 3.58MHz standard Xtal/Clock rate is required and the device operates from a 3.0V to 5.5V supply. Both SOIC (D4) and Plastic DIL (P3) 16-pin package types are available.

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